Monday, November 28, 2011

Crazy, stupid, love.

Went to see this movie with my darling sister, and went again when I got back home. And again. It's the story of Cal (Steve Carell) and his wife, Emily (Julianne Moore), who were high school sweethearts. Emily reveals at the beginning of the movie that she slept with a man at work, David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon). Cal is devastated and moves out. So begins his journey of reinvention with the help of 'the hot guy from the bar' Jacob (Ryan Gosling, oh my) with the hope of a reconciliation with Emily. Interwoven into the main plot is the story of Jacob a serial womaniser who is confronted and confused by love, Cal's son who is in love with the babysitter and the babysitter who is in love with Cal. It's about love in all its different forms. A bit like 'Love Actually' but far less contrived, far funnier, and far far sexier. Where to begin? Well, it's a rom-com in the best sense of the word. It's very romantic, and it's very funny. There are some truly stand out scenes. When Jacob takes Hannah home to his house, it's a heartwarming and funny conversation, one of the most romantic, sweet scenes I've seen in a long time, and oh Mr Gosling, those abs are obscene! He's flavour of the month for a very good reason. Intelligent and charming, not conventionally good looking, Jacob could have been an arrogant and dislikable character. Not in Mr Goslings very capable (I imagine) hands. Emma Stone plays Hannah, again, no wonder she's the darling of Hollywood, a real gem, likeable and funny, you love Hannah from the start. There is also the part where Emily phones Cal for help with the boiler. It's so charmingly acted, so true and simple yet the message is clear. Julianne Moore is stellar as always, beautiful and slightly haunted, we should hate her, but we don't. The kids are brilliant, as are all the supporting cast. Steve Carrell is just heartbreaking. He has the magical qualities of pathos and humour. You can't help but like him, even when he's really quite pathetic. This is a really beautiful, fun film. It will become a classic. There are some daft scenes but they work, and the ending even surprised and charmed this jaded veteran movie goer. I hate to admit it, but I am a romantic at heart, and this movie is just so damn romantic, and sad and funny. Just like life, except there's no Ryan Gosling.... Crazy, Stupid, Love: A bit crazy, not stupid, I love...9/10