Friday, February 12, 2010


What can you say about the much hyped, much anticipated film that is 'Avatar'? Quite a bit actually! I would first like to say that I like James Cameron's films. I'm not one of those fickle people that raved about 'Titanic' when it came out and now look on it with loathing and sheer snobbery. I stand by my enjoyment and love of that film excuse the pun, but it swept me away and still manages to all this time later. So it was with excitement that I went off to see the film, even forking out for the extra 3D, and then having to pay extra for the privelege of 3D glasses!
First, the graphics are quite simply beautiful, amazing, creative and cannot be faulted. Whilst I wouldn't go as far as some being suicidal at the wrench of having to leave the planet of 'Pandora' in the cinema (I don't really fancy the idea of having to combat huge rhino like creatures of an evening), it was truly beautiful especially the neon lights at night and the botanical gardens. The Na'vi people were very realistic and it was quite a strange experience believing totally that they were a race of people in their own right. The 3D was unobtrusive whilst enhancing the whole event.
That, unfortunately is where the glowing report ends. The question I ask myself with 3D is, "Would the film still be good as good without it?" The answer, for me is a resounding 'no'. The cast were fine as they had very little to do really. Sam Worthington was sufficiently brooding, all square jaw and antipodean rugged good looks. Zoe Saldana has a fine voice as Neytiri (you never see the actress), Sigourney Weaver and Giovanni Ribisi as the hippy botanist and evil, weak head of operations respectively were solid. Michelle Rodgrigez deserves a medal for churning out the most dire lines of the movie. You see, the problem is that, taking away all the bluster and shine, it's just not a very good movie. The plot is as weak as a cup of my Grandmother's tea. Paraplegic Marine (yawn) takes over his smarter twin brother's role as a Na'vi avatar to infiltrate the people, gain their trust and either learn more about their ways, or take all of the 'unobtainium' ( a rare and extremely expensive mineral only found at the bottom of their sacred tree). Is the name of the mineral supposed to be ironic? Sorry, the film doesn't strike me as clever enough for that. James Cameron wrote this as well, and it shows.He should stick to directing. At times, the lines are so crass, it's embarrassing. I won't give the plot away if you're the one person in the world reading this that hasn't seen it, but suffice to say, it's predictable and uncreative, even down to the 'action man' scarred, flat-topped military man who wants to see the whole world of Pandora burn. Yawn yawn yawn. It was far too long, talk about clock watching and how many fight scenes can you put into one film?
I just remember the feeling when I saw Titanic that I'd never seen anything like it before in my life, and what a rollercoaster of emotions you rode on. With Avatar, I felt nothing for any of them. I am quite a greeny, and on principal would have been rooting for the botanist, but sometimes found myself gunning for G.I Joe. The romance was laughable, no feelings came through at all. I guess I was just really disappointed that all of this time and money had been spent on effects and the wonders of Pandora, and very little creative thought on editing, script or the film as a whole. I'm sure it will sweep The Oscars, but if it wins best picture, there is no justice. The last scene set up nicely for a sequel, one I won't be hooking my dragon up to and flying off at the first opportunity to my local cinema for. A children's film for adults. AVATAR: Shows that even these brilliant avatar's can't whip up emotion like good old fashioned flawed people can. 8/10 (for graphics) 4/10


  1. Wow! Great new site, really glad I found you. I'm a real movie buff too but may be the one person you talk about who hasn't yet seen Avatar! Fantastic review though, it gave me a great sense of the movie & even made me still want to see it when I have time! Looking forward to reading more intelligent movie comment soon! xox

  2. Thanks so much, and thank you for being my first follower!