Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love and Other Drugs

Firstly to answer the question, is there a lot of sex and nudity? Yes, and hallellujah for that. This is the story of Jamie Randall, (Jake Gyllenhaal with eyes of blue and body of Adonis, swoon) who is the much loved black sheep of a successful medical family. Trying his hand at many jobs, he lands a sales gig with Pfizer, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Initially he is selling antibiotics and anti-depressants, but this is the mid-nineties and Viagra is about to unleash its mighty power on the world. It's in this job that he meets Maggie (sweet, lucky Anne Hathaway) a wild child diagnosed with Parkinsons at the tender age of 26. Jamie is a hound to say the least and so it appears is Maggie. So begins a steamy affair, oh boy is it sexy, but will it turn to something more? Well, it's a really great film. The script is quite hilarious, earthy and charming. The support actors are wonderful, standout being Josh Gad as Josh, Jamie's younger foul-mouthed brother and the always brilliant Hank Azaria as a world weary GP. It's quite an eye opener into the world of drug companies and the shameful extent to which they and their employees will go to nail the deal. The film however belongs to the lead couple. There is a wonderful chemistry between these two. Anne is just a tad unbelievable as a girl living on the edge, but only because she exudes so much niceness, her acting is fabulous. And Jake, what can I say about Jake that hasn't already been said? Warm, funny, gorgeous and rakish, what more could a girl want? Enjoy this lovely feel good movie. For all the sexuality in it it's not offensive at all and is really just a good old fashioned romance. Love and Other Drugs: Just the prescription needed for this jaded old soul. 8/10.

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  1. I'm seeing this next week - I know I'll love it, because you do! xxx