Friday, April 1, 2011

Swoon, I'll catch you

One of the things I love most about the movies is that it enables you to escape into another world. This blog is inspired by my darling sister, who, for my birthday did a post about our shared love of certain actors. Here, I am posting some of my alltime most romantic leading man roles. The criteria? Call me shallow, but looks of course, personality and the lengths they will go to for the woman they love. They are good, but not too good. Sex appeal is an obvious must. Invariably they are handsome, dependable, smart and fun. They may not be to everyone's tastes, but here are the men that have made my movie life all the more meaningful. In no particular order, apart from the last two, for they will forever be my number one. I hope that you enjoy it, there are lots to get through, so let's get on. Here's looking at you, Ray...

ROMEO Leonardo DiCaprio Romeo and Juliet

Youthful, beautiful and willing to die for his girl. Heartbreaking words, wonderful adaptation, Oh Romeo, did my heart love till now? Foreswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night

COUNT LASZLO DE ALMASY Ralph Fiennes The English Patient

Dying from his injuries the mysterious Count is haunted by his love for Katherine. As he recounts his tale, we are drawn into their world, for the bath scene and the back of his neck, he will be forever remembered.

GEORGES FAURE Gerard Depardieu Green Card
Willing to do anything to live in America, composer George marries citizen Bronte. At first he appears oafish, but his gallic charm wins us all over. He cooks, he plays piano, he's earthy and has a French accent, I DO!

SAM BALDWIN Tom Hanks Sleepless in Seattle

Overrated as a romantic film, the character of Sam is faultless. He's fun,dependable, you just know he smells good, a great Dad, a Widower who misses his wife but is willing to move on, this all American boy's appeal is universal. Shall We?

CHRISTIAN Ewan McGregor Moulin Rouge

A romantic poet falls for the concubine Satine. In Baz Lurhmann's divine assault on the senses, anything goes. He sings, he dances, he loves, you can tell every body this is his song. His smile could light up Paris, he surely can can can.

JOHN BOOK Harrison Ford Witness

The cop who goes deep undercover in the Amish community to investigate a murder. He's moody, he's dependable and there's a dry humour lurking just below the surface. Good with his hands he can build a mean barn, he gets in for the Sam Cooke scene and the mind blowingly tense early morning union. What a wonderful world it would be....

ROBERT KINCAID Clint Eastwood The Bridges of Madison County

Robert Kincaid breezes in to photograph some bridges, and turns his life, and Franscesca's upside down. Who knew Clint could be so damn romantic? Awakening parts of Franscesca that she never knew existed, they share an unbearably romantic few days together. The final scenes never fail to break my heart, he is deep, he's a talented photographer, he's a free spirit, and he loves her until the day he dies.

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Joseph Fiennes Shakespeare in Love
One of the greatest romances ever. The relationship between Will and Viola is fun, earthy, sexy and real. He loves her enough to let her go, but not before immortalising her in one of the saddest endings ever. For he shall be a hero for all time...

CAPT ETIENNE NAVARRE Rutger Hauer Ladyhawke
Well before Twilight, Isabeau and Navarre were star crossed lovers, having been put under an evil spell by a jealous rival. He's a wolf by night, she's a hawk by day, bound to each other, they roam the land trying to find a way to break the spell. He's handsome and fearless, driven by the love of a woman he can only remember in his dreams. Magical.

MR DARCY Matthew MacFadyen Pride and Prejudice

Sorry Col, but Matthew's my Mr. Darcy. Proud, rich and moody, we see glimmers of the humour and sensitivity behind the facade. Even though she is not in the same social class, he is devoted to Elizabeth, but is bound by etiquette and stubborness. When he finally does succumb, the image of him storming across the misty English field to claim his love will set your heart aflutter. I love, I love, I love you.

TOM LEFROY James McAvoy Becoming Jane
Oozing testosterone and cockiness, Tom sweeps into Jane's life and claims her heart. Beneath this sexy exterior, there lies the heart of a true romantic, devoted to Jane but confined to the expectations of the age. The raw energy and fun of the cricket match captures us, but it's the ball scene that makes us gasp, those who've seen it will know. Heartbreaking, beautiful, Tom Lefroy, inspiring Jane's Mr Darcy.

CK DEXTER HAVEN Cary Grant The Philadephia Story

Handsome, rich, sexy, suave and full of fun. Tracey's first husband is determined to stop her second marriage. Not by force, but just by being there to show her what she's missing. He just wants her to be a woman, naturally. Who could want more from her leading man than that?

ELIOT NESS Kevin Costner The Untouchables

The pure face of an angel. The ethics and morals of a saint. Defiant against the mob, he stands for justice. The only thing that scares him is that his beloved wife and children may be in danger. Looks great in Armani and has put the butterfly kiss in our bedtime routine with my children. Makes you feel safe and leaves you wishing he would offer to brush your hair.

MACON LEARY William Hurt The Accidental Tourist

Achingly sad from the loss of his son, Macon is desperately trying to stay in the Leary groove he has carved himself. When his overbearing wife leaves him, he meets the eccentric Muriel and his world is changed, reluctantly at first, forever. Oh how I wish I was on the receiving end of the look he gives Muriel from the taxi at the end.

RHETT BUTLER Clark Gable Gone with the Wind

Charming and roguish Rhett, irrestistable to all woman, except the one he loves. Full of fun and wit, what on earth was she thinking of? Ashley doesn't even come close. Coming to her senses way too late, frankly my dear, she should have given a damn.

MICHAEL DORSEY Dustin Hoffman Tootsie

Played with an irresistable combination of humour and intensity, Michael will do anything for his art, even switch genders. When he becomes a hit as a woman, he struggles with how to reveal his true identity without crushing the woman he loves. Sexy with a great sense of style, the ending is ridiculously romantic. When he tells Julie he was a better man with her as a woman and he has to learn to do it without the dress, what woman in their right mind wouldn't forgive him?

ALADDIN Scott Wiengar (voice) Aladdin

A diamond in the rough with a monkey as his best friend. This boy falls for a Princess and enlists the help of a genie to make it happen. He takes her on a carpet ride, shows her a whole new world and true love prevails. Do you trust him? Certainly, just don't you dare close your eyes.

WILL HUNTING Matt Damon Good Will Hunting

Fiercely intelligent and loyal, Will struggles with his feelings for Skylar and to overcome the horrors of the past. His journey is flawed, but he gets there with humour and wit. When he smiles, oh how I love them apples. Wouldn't mind an afternoon delight, or any time of day for that matter.

JACK BAKER Jeff Bridges The Fabulous Baker Boys

Moody, talented and troubled. Jack Baker is a piano playing womaniser. He denies his love for Susie, the sexual chemistry is tense from the start. Famous for it's piano writhing scene, Jack brings out the smoulder in Susie. Beneath this gruffness is a sexually charged sensitive soul who loves his dog, irresistable.

And so to the last two......

JACK DAWSON Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic
Free spirit Jack wins a pass on Titanic. There he saves Rose from herself and so begins a love story so sweet, it broke box office records. Many people have slated this film since, a case of sour grapes methinks. For me, Jack is the ultimate romantic lead. Handsome, comfortable in his own skin, charms people below and above the decks of all ages. He is talented, fun and defies class. Above all, he's brave and good, and sacrifises himself for his true love. Even with death on his shoulder, he thinks of Rose and makes her promise to have a full and happy life. Jack, my heart will go on. Just knowing that you would be there at the top of the stairs waiting patiently would have got me through just about anything. Here's to making it count.

ROBBIE TURNER James McAvoy Atonement

He's clever, funny and pure. He has the bluest, saddest eyes you can imagine. Dependable, honourable, but never boring. At the beginning, Robbie has the world at his feet. He is in love with Cecilia, and that love knows no bounds. He can make a library seem the most exciting place in the world. The tragedy of Robbie is that he is unwaveringly decent and moral. Brave and courageous, he is loved by every person whom he comes into contact with, and it is the twisted adoration of a certain she-devil that shall not be named that is his downfall. Robbie is the ultimate romantic lead, full of the joy and energy of youth, but with the wisdom and patience of knowing that life doesn't always turn out how it should. And bearing this knowledge with a heartbreaking dignity. So many scenes that are standout, but if I have to pick just one, it's when the star crossed duo are getting ready for dinner. Puccini and perfection. Thanks so much.

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  1. OH MY GOD!!! I laughed, I cried....the perfect, perfect tribute to those fantastic & adorable men.I absolutely loved this post, if I could cut it out & read it every day I'd be happy...I may just do that! And the pictures! Of course, I agree with every one of your choices as you knew I would! It makes me a bit ashamed that I tried to do the same thing when I read how it SHOULD have been done! Thanks so much for this! Love you xoxoxoxo