Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep even almost surpasses herself this time. what a remarkable portrayal of Lady Margaret Thatcher this is. The film is rather surprising, it is more a sentimental journey than documentary; more love story than critique of a Prime Minister that so divided a nation. Told in flashback sequences, it lightly traces Thatcher's struggle from grocer's daughter to leader of Great Britain. Jim Broadbent plays Denis, appearing to Margaret in hallucinations years after his death that it appears she has never quite recovered from. His performance, whilst very good gives Denis a buffoonish quality that he could never really shake in reality. The young Margaret is played well by Alexandra Roach but the delightfully named Harry Lloyd steals the eaely scenes as Denis looking eerily like his namesake Harold Lloyd, handsome and mischievous. The film touches on the highs and lows of her formidable eleven year term, but never quite scratches the surface, maybe that's for another film. The movie is beautifully acted with a stellar supporting cast, particularly Olivia Colman as Carol Thatcher. The film, whilst poignant, almost feels liike a made for tv movie, apart from the standout surely Oscar nominated performance of Streep. The Iron Lady: There shall be but one mistress and no master 6/10


  1. Seeing it on Tuesday...will let you know my verdict!! I heard a really good interview with the divine Meryl on Woman's Hour this morning...she said, in effect, just what you have - that they decided not to go into the politics & make it more of an exploration into the way old age & dementia have diminished a brilliant brain & a formidable person. She was so interesting to listen to...asked what her favourite performance was, she said she never watches her own movies purposely but if she's flicking through, she will watch one til the end. She recently saw Out of Africa, & all she could think as she watched was how her 18 month old daughter was on set, in period baby clothes, whinging throughout the take - eventually she had to take her out to sit in the make-up girl's car!! So, she says, all her memories are really of backstage...wonderful woman xxx

  2. This looks fantastic!!! Meryl is an incredible woman and an actress extraordinaire! I have always enjoyed her work and I know I will adore her in this selection as well. I will definitely add this to my list of must see movies in 2012. I am so stuck on light romantic comedies, that I rarely see something with true depth. This sounds like that perfect's interesting that you speak on the fact that the movie barely scratches the service of her eleven year service. Maybe it is indeed a bit of a teaser for a sequel if it is well received. Thank you for such a wonderful've enticed me to see it for certain!
    Joann in Colorado, USA

  3. I've seen a few clips of the movie as Meryl has made the rounds promoting her the movie. And now with your great review I know my hubby and I are in for a real treat. Meryl is one of the most accomplished actresses of our time and I love her portrayal of Julia Child. I have a feeling she is going to have another oscar on her mantle for her role of Margaret.
    Great review, I'm really looking for to seeing it.

  4. I've not heard of this at all... no surprise there lol!
    but I do want to see it now. sounds great!

    Denise of ingleside, PEI

  5. I'm looking forward to watching this movie, as I love anything by Meryl Streep! Thanks for sharing your opinion on it! I'm sure Meryl does a great job with her character. :o)

    Rosinda xo

  6. As you say it's more of a personal, sentimental portrait of Thatcher. As such I think those who have particularly strong views on her will be disappointed - if you hate her and her policies you'll find it too cloying. If you're in awe of Thatcher you'll find the portrayal of her decline awkward to watch. As someone who's fairly ambivalent I found the film struck a good balance - Streep excels, and while I share your view on his buffoonery, Jim Broadbent is as reliable as ever as Mrs T's rock. Thought his 'haunting' of her was almost cruel though. Great review again - looking forward to the next.