Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And the Oscar goes to.......

How sad am I. I have spent the last month mulling over in my little mind who will win, who will be robbed, and I'm still outraged at some who weren't nominated! Enough of the ruminations, here are my (almost) unbiased predictions and also my personal picks. Don your best frock (or tux) get a bucket of half sweet and half salty and enjoy the fabulous ride that is the 82nd Academy Awards hosted by the incomparable Alec Baldwin and a newly startled looking Steve Martin. Weep at the 'in memorium', gasp at the glamour, yawn at the chairman of the Academy, thrill at the leading men (or women).....Gotta love that business of show.

Best Actor
I'm happy with Jeff, George or Jeremy, but the Oscar will go to Jeff.

Best Supporting Actor
Would love to say Matt but can't go past Christoph Waltz, a completely sublime performance. A nod goes to Stanley Tucci, who would have thought that someone so funny and warm could be so evil?
The Oscar will go to Chrisoph.

Best Actress
Happy with Sandra, Carey or dear Meryl, but the Oscar will go to Sandra.

Best supporting actress
Would like Maggie, but it's Mo'Nique (did I spell it right?) Shave those legs lady!

Best Animated Feature
For me, it's Up or the fabulousness of Fantastic Mr Fox, but I think Up will beat the fox.

Art Direction
I would like The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus or Sherlock Holmes, but I think we all know that Avatar's a shoe-in.

The Hurt Locker or the overlooked and divine Inglourius Basterds, but again, Oscar belongs to Avatar.

Best Costume
It can only be Bright Star, please say it can only be Bright Star.

Katherine Bigelow, take one for the girls please, although Jason and Quentin are equally deserving in my books.

Best Picture
I would do a jig for 'Up in the air', 'Inglourious Basterds'(the academy would never be so bold), 'An Education' or 'The Hurt Locker', but I think Katherine's in for a double whammy with 'The Hurt Locker'.

And so ends my predictions for this year, usually wrong I have to say, but I always have a blast trying!

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