Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crazy Heart

Well, as we all know, Jeff walked away with the best actor award at the Academy Awards. Did he deserve it? Well, I haven't seen all the nominee's performances, but from the ones I have seen, yes.
It's the story of Bad, a washed out country singer with a jealous feud running with his old successful protege. Bad drives all over the vast dry lands of the USA playing in bars and clubs, sleeping with aging groupies and drinking his way through the bottle shops. He is then interviewed by a young journalist (Maggie Gylennhaal) and his life changes forever..
This film is truly wonderful. It really doesn't succumb to any of the cliches. In less experienced hands, the role of Bad could have been really yucky when it came to the May/December love scenes, instead it left you feeling rather envious of young Maggie. Jeff Bridges has always oozed laconic charisma and charm and it's still there, by the bucket load, with a passable singing voice to match. The actor totally emerses himself in the part, he is stripped bare of all vanity and at times it's very painful to watch. Maggie is good as the love interest, I really like her usually but found her quite irritating, rather reminiscent of that highly annoying actress Meg Ryan. I am hoping it's just the character. The ever impish Robert Duval is just wonderful, and the usually two-dimensional Colin Farrell was great, with a dynamic voice to boot, but still looks like he could do with a good wash. I thoroughly recommend this film, it's a tale of hope and strength and is just a delight. Even this confirmed Country music loather left the theatre with toes-a-tappin'. CRAZY HEART: Will have yours melting by the end. Bravo Jeff. 8/10

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