Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

"No of course not, what a ridiculous thing to ask", Sorry just answering the question "Can Matt Damon appear in too many movies this year?" I think maybe this film might suffer from misleading publicity. I wasn't too sure what it was about, from the promos it appeared to be a sci-fi, but it's a love story first and foremost. David Norris (Matt Damon) is running for Senate. He's young and ambitious, but always seems to fall at the last hurdle by disgracing himself slightly. It's whilst practising his loser's speech in the men's toilets that he meets Elise, a dancer (Emily Blunt). They are immediately attracted but there are higher forces, the adjustment bureau, who are trying to keep them apart. The adjustment bureau are well dressed men in hats, who try and keep everyone in the world path's on track. David is destined to become President, but being with Elise will confound all that. David stumbles upon this realisation, but with the help of Harry, a member of the bureau, manages to keep one step ahead, until they bring in the big guns, in the form of Thompson (Terence Stamp). Will their love overcome what a higher power has preordained? There is a lot to like about this film. Firstly, the chemistry between Damon and Blunt is nothing short of electrifying. I sincerely hope that someone picks up on this and offers them another chance to spar with each other. Their partnering is reminiscent of the old movies, which in fact were far more real and fun than modern day romances. The story and characters are really imaginative and give a modern twist on an old, if loved story. The Bureau have access to all areas by opening regular doors which gives short cuts to places, but only with their hats on. All the actors are great. It's the ending that lets this story down really. It just sort of fizzles out. David tries so hard to outrun The Bureau, and you expect a much more climactic ending, instead it's a sort of, 'blimey we've run out of time, better wrap it all up neatly' sort of ending. Never the less, it's a good film and worth a look, a little reminiscent of City of Angels/Wings of Desire. The Adjustment Bureau: You can leave your hat on, Matt. 7/10.

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