Saturday, March 26, 2011


What if there was a drug that could enhance your brain power? Make you so much more productive, smart and clear thinking? Would you take it? This is the question posed to Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), a talented writer who is an uninspired, unmotivated loser. We know this because his hair looks like a bird's nest and you can smell him from your seat in the third row. Eddie doesn't take long to decide that yes, he'll take the drug please. Immediately life becomes clear. We know this because the scene takes on a yellow glowing hue, and his eyes become a turquoise irridescant pool of light. He finishes his book, he gets his girl back (underused Abbie Cornish) and he makes an awful lot of money with the help of Trump like business man, Carl Van Loon (yes, really) played by the legend that is Robert De Niro. The problem with having such a miracle drug is that there are plenty of people after it. There are also the ethical and medical dilemmas to dodge and his life is in danger as he is chased by an ammoral Eastern European money lender. It's a really interesting premise. I'm not sure quite what the message is, but it's a fun film. Somewhere along the line it doesn't quite hit the mark. Whilst it's largely well acted, I'm not convinced of Mr Cooper's star power. Yes, he's lush and yes, his eyes are a tantalising shade of blue, but can he carry a film? Based on this I'd suggest he's great at ensembles, not so great as lead actor, a bit like Brad Pitt really, don't ask me why I just don't see them as leading men. Still, it's a good film, and nice to see that there are some interesting scripts still knocking around. LIMITLESS:There is no limit to the depth of those baby blues.6/10.

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