Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Hangover II

I saw The Hangover and whilst thought that some of it was well done, and quite clever, that it was extremely overrated. There were a couple of scenes that were downright terrible. Glorifying Mike Tyson after he raped a woman, what is that about? I understand that he did his time and should not be villified for ever, but to actively give this man air time and treat him like an icon is wrong. There was also a scene where Alan (Zach Galifianikis) simulated a baby performing a sexual act. Not funny. This guy Alan was supposed to be a character that we all warmed to, but he was not allowed within a certain range of a high school because he was a sexual predator. I think most things can have fun poked at them. I like dark jokes, and being a nurse have a pretty black sense of humour. Some things are out of bounds. Babies and children being seen in a sexual light is one of them. Animal cruelty is another.I have read some interviews regarding The Hangover II. It concerns me greatly that a monkey was used in the movie. Whilst I have read that the monkey didn't actually smoke a lit cigarette and CGI was used for the smoke, it's still really really inappropriate. Animals just aren't here for our amusement or entertainment. More shocking was that the American Humane Society was allegedly not allowed on set. The poster says it all really. It's like moving back to the dark ages. I think it's a shame for the actors involved, where are their ethics? Does anyone need the money that badly? I am all for pushing the envelope, but not at the cost of an animal. For this reason I will not be watching, or reviewing The Hangover Part II. THE HANGOVER PART II: Leaves me with a headache and a sour taste in my mouth, and I haven't even seen it. 0/10.

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