Thursday, December 4, 2014

Love, Rosie

Anyone who has never visited the UK, but has seen 'Love Actually', 'Notting Hill', the abysmal 'Four Weddings' and now the equally twee 'Love, Rosie' would get off the plane at Heathrow and expect to be met by a handsome blundering blustering fool, a pretty, quirky ingenue with pigeon toes, their respective families all in hand knitted jumpers and best friends who were either ugly and funny, gay and funny or hair dyed pink, crazy clothes...and funny. Granted, the British have a great sense of humour, but we don't all spin off witty repartee at the drop of a hat or use the 'f' word in every sentence, well most don't. It's almost the same as if you only know Australia from films, you would think that everyone lived in the '70s, were bordering on manic depression and all dealt drugs...hang on a minute.... Anyway back to 'Love, Rosie' here we go....Rosie (a luminous Lily Collins, how could the bald pated drummer Phil have produced such a beauty?) and Alex (Sam Grant..sorry, Claflin, handsome, floppy haired..crooked smile) have been bestest friends since they were little. Now they're almost grown up and share a drunken kiss on Rosie's 18th birthday, only Rosie doesn't remember and Alex is too spineless to tell they go to their school leaving party with other people to spite each other and so the tedium begins...Alex gets a scholarship to Harvard Medical School which is amazing considering it's a graduate school.Rosie is supposed to go with her bestie to study hotel managment but gets a condom stuck up her snapper on her first shag and has to stay in good old Blighty to raise the product of this dangerous liaison whilst Alex oblivious to it all is in Boston living it up with...yes his ugly funny mate with a gorgeous neurotic sister that he ends up with after finally twigging why Rosie never got on the plane two weeks after they almost get together about twenty five times until it gets so irritating that you wish they just forgot who each other were and got on with their very English lives...the life decisions the pair of them make are enough to make you seriously doubt the entry level for admission to Med school.Rosie's mate, yes the one with the red hair who's..funny (Ray Winstone's daughter, nepotism anyone?) tries to sort her out a few times, but even she gives up, all the while Rosie's brat grows older almost than Rosie and gets an Alex of her very claustraphobic...I won't give the ending away...but I'm sure you all know where it's going..going..gone and to be honest, you just breathe a sigh of relief at the end. There's no romance you just hope and pray that they're smart enough to take their clothes off before they finally go for it.. The problem with this film is it's just really lazy. The acting is actually pretty good. The script is pretty abysmal but the premise is one that we all love, boy meets girl, takes a while to get there but eventually does, everyone's happy..but this one is just so drawn out and ridiculous that it's just not worth the bother. Love, Rosie...Just, Lazy. 3/10.

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  1. Yay!! So fab to see you back with your amazing & hilarious reviews !! You did sum up that genre of British films SO brilliantly! Xxxx